frequently asked questions

Who Are You?

We are a team of coders having the same principles and values. We want a better world and we feel in the right place doing what we can to make this a better world. Even though in the real world we are insignificant dudes, in the virtual realms is anything but. We help you have a better life by creating a better virtual world for you. We are the people behind the curtains.

What is this IMVU Hack?

The IMVU hack is a program developed to help IMVU players attain easy free imvu credits without paying any money. Using a new technology, it can deliver the credits straight to your account without downloading any files to your device. All you need is to provide the username and select the amount of free credits.

Why do You Developed This IMVU Hack?

The reason is simple. Everybody needs help. Some need it more other less. Some need material help, others need a different kind of help. Developing tools such as this IMVU hack we are targeting the people that need material help. IMVU players are playing from all over the world. Even though the wages are different with IMVU players in certain countries, the IMVU credits prices are the same. This is where we step in. The IMVU hack will help the unfortunate half gain some credits as to match the other half. The real reason we develop these tools is balance. Balance is important in the world of online games. We cannot really accomplish this in the real world, but it is doable in the virtual world.

Is This Safe?

It is unfortunate that for such a long time, these hacks were a hit and miss. Today, the world has reached a high peak in terms of technology. This creates problems for us, the coders. But it also creates huge advantages. The high-tech stuff is more accessible than ever before. We can exploit this to our advantage in many ways. The most important aspect of a hack such as this one is safety. Without safety, there is no real hack at all.

The only way to make you have free imvu credits in a safe way is by implementing drastic measures. Having a hack generating unlimited free imvu credits things will go against us in short time. The only means by which we can have a totally safe imvu hack is by having a certain limitation upon the amounts of free credits you are able to generate. Read more upon the About page about this limitation which come along using this imvu hack.

The Credits Were Not Generated. What to do?

As you can expect, these kinds of tools can get really loaded. As many players are using it the more likely will be to have it fail at some point. If the credits were not generated you must give it a second try. We usually try to maintain our program in working condition at all times. Some things cannot be 100% controlled. There are high peak periods when more players are generating the same amount of free imvu credits at the same time. This makes the IMVU hack overused and consequently fails delivering the credits successfully.

Why do We Need to Complete Stupid Surveys?

This is the harshest aspect of these kind of tools. Almost any of these kind of hacking programs will come with a survey completion requirement. However, this is well motivated by our needs to be able to help you. Our servers need specific amounts of bandwidth to be accessed by everybody. As more IMVU users access this IMVU hack the more bandwidth will be required. This also means more money. As a self-sustainable industry, the industry of hacking needs support.

One easy and fast way to receive this support is through the surveys. If it happens that you receive surveys, it means that our servers are highly loaded. The survey plays two roles. It helps us receive a small commission and helps ut servers stay in working conditions. Generating free imvu credits at rapid fire for anyone using it would make the hack constantly fail.