This Slick Credits website is intended to help IMVU players receive free imvu credits into their accounts. They can do this using the showcased IMVU hack. This IMVU hack will deliver daily amounts of free credits without you having to pay a dime. Virtually, within seconds you can have free credits.


The reason why we do this is because we want to make a change within the world of video games. This is just one of the more games that we are constantly delivering alternatives against spending hard money. Most of online games have their own currency which makes the game more accessible. In IMVU we have credits. Credits are used for several things. The main area where credits are needed is the IMVU shop. Here you can find lots of goods which will tremendously help you express yourself and your style. Credits are needed to buy accessories, clothes, furniture and more.

We believe in a world where things are balanced. There is no rebellion against paying for virtual goods such as credits. The problem lays elsewhere. As a game available worldwide, the credits are not worldwide at all. Regardless of the players country of residence they still must pay the same price for credits. This creates huge discrepancies between various players in different countries. A player living in an Eastern European country will have to pay as much as a player from USA, Canada, etc. The national wages within these countries are usually lower. Most American workers earn above 1200 USD dollars. In some European countries is 3 times lower. It sometimes goes around 300-400 USD or even less.

As you can see, having an IMVU hack for free credits is not as cheating. This will bring a balance among players as everybody will be able to enjoy their share of credits.


The method used to generate thousands of free credits every day consists of a cloud of servers installed in countries all over the world. These servers do not deal with one game only. They can sustain the hacks and cheats for a variety of games. The more popular the games, more users will use them and more loaded will the severs get. It is our job to expand the servers when needed so the tool will be available at any time for anyone in any country.

Slick Credits is the home of free imvu credits. Is the home where a team of dedicated coders have decided to change the world for the IMVU fans. The IMVU hack is not a usual hack. It can detect how many credits you would need. This is done based on the history of your purchases. You can be eligible to generate 10000 free imvu credits or you can be eligible to generate 1000 free credits per day. The hack can check using a specific algorithm how many credits you are entitled to receive. The richer your credits purchase history the less likely you are to receive your credits. If you do not have an extensive history of buying credits, then the program will get more loose on the amount of credits you can receive.